clean jumping castle

Properly clean your jumping castle

Read below article to know how to clean your jumping castle better or just click on these images to buy jumping castles

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Why you should buy cleanable commercial grade jumping castles only

purchasing jumpers made by commercial grade materials are very important . Beware ! dirty castles and slides made by non commercial materials can cause skin diseases . Also can cause breathing defects . So you should also give priority to buy commercial grade inflatables  . furthermore a certified supplies got  commercial inflatables equally important . Of course here in Joy jump all the Jumping castles you find are commercial grade . Keep reading to find out the best ways to clean the jumping castles .

Cleaning your Jumping castles is pivotal for your success .  and not to mention quality of customer service. No customer wants their kids to be playing in dirt . So an inflatable that is dirty or has things inside from a previous party would certainly damage your reputation . Furthermore customers pay to receive a clean product . And that is exactly what they expect . It is every company’s responsibility to clean their inflatable products . And certainly you must dry them . Of course no one likes a sticky wet jumping castle .

What are the best options and places to clean jumping castle

The best way to clean your inflatables is to do them at the location of a reservation during pickup time, which shows customers you do clean them, or re-inflate them at your business or storage location and clean them then. You do not want to leave cleaning for the delivery time because if a customer sees your products dirty before you start cleaning, then they are going to be left with the impression that it is a dirty product.

First when cleaning you should start off by vacuuming the inside to get all the small particles out . Because those can damage your inflatable . So the next step using a cleaning formula . Detergent powder seems like a good option . There fore you can dilute some detergent powder on water to clean the inside and outside of the inflatable . You should check with your inflatables manufacturer for their recommended cleaning formula .  Because some bad quality printing can be damaged by cleaning chemicals .

Likewise after clean blow up water slides . You should probably leave them to fully dry before rolling them back up and storing them . Certainly leaving an inflatable product rolled and stored while it is wet , will cause it to smelly .  And also reek of mold and mildew.

Clean jumping castles speaks so much of your business

The cleanliness and appearance of your inflatable castles and inflatable water slides will reflect on your type of business . One look at how well kept your inflatables are and compare that to your quality of business. Therefore cleaning your inflatables thoroughly will not only improve the status of your services but will translate into more business and referrals.

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