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inflatable jumpers for sale by joy jump , If you are in the rental business for jumpers . Here you can find plenty of commercial grade inflatables to choose from . Joy jump manufactures high quality commercial grade jumping castles with Australian quality . If you are in the business of inflatables rental . You will stop here for so long as we got plenty of high quality unique inflatable jumpers for sale

Keep your kids entertained while you earn some extra cash by hiring bouncy castle


If you want to make some extra money for your family you should consider starting a Bouncing Castle Hire business. That way, you can stay working at your full time job and run your hire business by working part time and at the weekends

We recommend that you incorporate the business as a limited company. This will allow the creation of a separate legal identity for your business. This is of great significance in the event of a legal claim for damages being made by somebody who says that they were hurt using your castle. Fortunately, those situations are very rare but you should protect yourself legally just in case.

This is an ideal business part time and the rewards can be high. We would not recommend renting out them as a full time business in Ireland because turnover is affected by the weather. Obviously if operating in a country where the climate is warmer could be a full time business

how much does a bouncy castle cost ?

This question is one of the common question arise if you are thinking of bouncy castle hire business . But instead finding out the exact answer , most of us keeps wondering and dreaming of it . If you just type in google this same question there will be 100’s of articles ,  And companies which sell jumping castles online will pop up in the search results . You can also follow our blog post under ” How Much Does A Jumping Castle Cost ” to get more valuable information .

You get to delight children and help parties run smoothly when you run a type of enterprise. The look of joy and expectation on children’s faces when the “Bouncing Castle Man” comes is priceless.
I remember a five-year-old child one day asking me if I had children. When I told him that I had four he said with a very serious face that they must be the luckiest kids in the world because they could play on a jumping castle whenever they wanted.

The monetary rewards and cash flow can be excellent but meeting kids like this makes it an emotionally rich experience.

We would advise that you would only hire out bouncing castles for use by children rather than adults. There is much greater demand for children’s castles and you can expect trouble if your bouncy castle hire business rents out castles for use by adults.

Check out our commercial grade inflatable products below

Our Recommendations for your jumping castle hire business

We would recommend that you would start your business with three jumping castles. Buy a large castle with a slide (16ft x 14 ft) and two without a slide (14ft x 12ft). Charge 150 USD for the castle with the slide and 110 USD for the ordinary castles in the early days.

Give a 10% reduction for off peak hires (Mon to Thursday). The inflatable with the slide will appeal to older kids and parents who have larger gardens. The ordinary castles are more suitable for use by smaller kids and parents who have smaller gardens.Also some inflatable water slides Will be hot rentals in the summer

Children have birthdays every single day of the year and jumping castles appeal to kids from the age of 2 to 13. In the summer and autumn, their parents can hire a jump house for the back yard . Winter and spring, parents can hire a community hall or church hall to hold the party and accommodate the castle . In our experience the renting season is from October to April. Children prefer using moonwalks outside in their gardens rather than indoors.

Your customer will almost always be a woman in her thirties or early forties. They book the company, organised the parties and look after the entertainment for the kids.

When you are established your company will get business due to word of mouth and repeat business. Every business needs publicity but especially a new business.

What options would we recommend?

An option you could do is to take out a paid ad in your local Yellow Pages/Golden Pages Directory, under the category, “Bounce Houses and Inflatables”. You will have to pay an even more significant cost if you want to have a boxed or big ad, which will make you stand out from the crowd. We found that a boxed ad does get you more business but you have to weigh up whether the extra cost is recouped in extra revenue.
A much better option for you would be that you would get the free listing in the Golden Pages where they just put in your business name and number and create your own website to publicist your hire business .

The website you create for your inflatable hire business is only restricted by your imagination. Do not be under an illusion that this will be an easy option. You will only succeed if you put in the time developing your website. Taking this option is much better value than just passively paying for a boxed ad in your local Golden Pages.

The website will give you countless opportunities to pre sell your jump house hire business to prospective customers in your particular geographical area. You could get visitors initially to your new jumping castle hire business website by using pay per click methods of advertising. This provides cheap warm leads and if done well can be very effective. When traffic to your website increases you could add another income stream by placing Ad Sense ads on your site. This money will significantly reduce the hosting costs of your website.

Tick this list of things you will need to start your party rental business

Below is a list of things, which you will need to start a bouncy castle business:
1) Jump Castle, rain cover, electric fan, mallet and anchor stakes.
2) Van for transporting the castle. I use a Ford Transit.
3) Ground sheet to protect underside of bouncer.
4) Electrical extension cable (25 – 30 meters long).
5) RCD circuit breaker. (Safety cutout device).
6) Safety mat to put at front of the castle
7) Local street map of your town and its surrounding area
8) Large A4 size desk diary for taking bookings (1 Page to a day).
9) Ledger book for recording takings and expenses etc.
10) Public Liability Insurance cover. We strongly recommend one million euros as the minimum.
11) Safety instruction sheet
12) Customer disclaimer form
13) A trolley
14) Mobile phone in the name of the company
15) A company bank account

We would recommend that you buy your castles for your moonwalk hire company from a reputable manufacturer. Your new jumping castles should have at least a 1 yr guarantee. Make sure that a minor repair kit is included in the price of the castles . Do not buy a second hand inflatable for your company unless you are very experienced and know what to look out for in relation to things like stitching .

Choose the customers carefully

Only rent out to householders having a party in their house or a local hall. That way lessens the chances of anything going wrong and you know there will be proper adult supervision of the playing in the castle. Avoid renting out at fetes or to community groups as this significantly increases the chances of something going wrong. There is less supervision at these events and your business might regret taking the booking.

Bouncing castle hire companies in Australia are very busy every Saturday particularly in the school holidays. The reason for this is that this is the time most kids at home enjoying free time. It is very important to get your jumping castles in time and be ready for the holidays and make sure not to disappoint child and their family.Such as this you should be aware of the children’s holidays in your country and prepare in advance never disappoint a customer specially when involves kids as it will break little ones heart of they don’t have the favorite bounce house present in the function . If you ran out of bouncy castles always keep a back up inflatable slide or an inflatable water slide so you can offer that instead the castle

You should pay special attention for summer holidays in Australia . Kids request parents to allow them play on water let alone whole family and family friends would love to enjoy in water , So what is the best way than purchasing one great looking and high quality inflatable water slide . There are plenty of places got high quality commercial water slides for sale , But choose wisely if not bad quality water slides will lead to lot of trouble as it tends to scratch kids while sliding down . This will be harmful for the reputation of your inflatable hiring business

Know more about the occasion and prepared to help out customers

Normally families invite their relatives friends and close business partners for lunch . And they continue the party until later in the day . This time jumping castle comes in handy for kids entertainment . So parents of the family tends to go for a suitable inflatable castle for kids entertainment .  Parents usually have to hire the castle by the previous December if they are to avoid disappointment. Parents having their first child for communion, often do not realize that this is the story and can sometimes leave it too late to hire. They do not make the same mistake when it comes to the hiring for their subsequent children.

Suggest not to disappointed parents that they hire the jumping castle for the Sunday. Resist the urge to increase your price at this time. The customer will remember having to pay over the odds. They will not use your business again and will not recommend you to others. When taking telephone bookings for your business you should check that there is sufficient side access to the back garden. Believe me, there is nothing worse than trying to bring a moonwalk through a customers house.

Hirers will not cancel bookings. The first thing they will do after hiring you is to tell their child that they have booked. They are not then going to turn around and cancel the coming up to the big day.
Do not take the money in advance unless they are paying by cheque. Allow two weeks to have cheques cleared. Assure the hirer that there is no cancellation fee. In our experience the only way that they will cancel the hire is if it is pouring rain.

Follow some simple rules with your every hire

From the start of your business you should try to constantly check the weather forecast and advise customers . But some of our customers no longer do this as there were incidents where they phoned and advised the customer that the weather forecast was very bad and check weather they want to cancel the bouncy castle hire at no cost to them .

Some times these things lead to misunderstandings , completely missing the point and the good intentions . But sometimes these small things will lead to get good reviews from customers who truly understands your intention . And besides if they don’t want to cancel the booking you can deliver the castle because it will gain you the profit no matter it rain or not . So either you will get a good review or earn profit there is nothing to loose by following this step regularly . You could even, like some of the other customers , add a page to your jumping castle hire website where potential customers can check the weather forecast eight days into the future.

We recommend that you always put up the bouncy castles in the back gardens of the hirer. This allows them have greater control over who uses the unit and from your perspective limits the possibility of outsiders to the party getting on the bouncy castle unit.
You better confirm with the customers who hire the jumping castle , to know exact place they would like to position the product in the back yard . It is necessary to check the area thoroughly for hard objects and preferably grassy so the bouncy castle is safe .

Some of our customers have had situations where people have had to take down clothes lines and dig up plants and shrubs to allow the bouncy castle to be put up . Your customers will do anything to make the bouncy castle they have hired fits because they will have told the child that the bouncy castle is booked. They will not want to have to turn around and tell the child that they have had to cancel the bouncy castle hire order because the space is smaller than they thought.

Some times customers might ask you to move the jumping castle from the place you originally set it up . Most of the time they have no much idea about how big the bounce house really is , Sometimes they don’t consider the inflate valves length when decide the space .

Careful of the payment methods and keep strict rules about the accepted payment methods

Get paid when the bouncy castle is set up to her satisfaction and get her to sign two copies of the disclaimer form. Give her back one copy and keep the other on file . It would be more safe for your business if you Insist on cash as cheques can bounce or be stopped . If taking cheques you should get them send to your bouncy castle hire business address two weeks in advance so that they are cleared by the time of the booking.

Show the hirer how everything works and point out the different things that can go wrong unless the children are properly supervised while playing on the bouncy castle. Make sure that she has your mobile no in case something goes wrong during the bouncy castle hire.

Call back at the agreed time or a little later. The children will always want one more bounce on the bouncy castle, so there will be less resentment if you arrive later than the agreed time.
Children love giving a hand deflating, folding and putting away the bouncy castle. This should be encouraged provided that you ensure that they will come to no harm while giving you a hand. Check that everything went well and when the bouncy castle is put away give her a 20 dollar voucher off any future bouncy castle hire. Give her business cards for any mother who was at the party who may want to contact your bouncy castle hire company in the future.

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