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Joy Jump is the only 100% Australian owned factory to conquer the world to proudly establish Australian name in the world of inflatables to show the world how unique and great it is to own jumping castles made with Australian standards .We make sure all the safety guide lines are covered before we ship our products to the customers around the globe.

Strict maintenance of quality standards are our strength in manufacturing.We make sure customers will not
loose any thing due to poor product quality.We grantee the products minimum life time is 2 years but normal life time of the products are 5-7 years.

Why you need to purchase quality products like Joy Jump Inflatables According to recent studies injuries caused by inflatable rides have been on the rise. An average of 31 children per day are hospitalized because of injuries caused by a Bounce House or Inflatable Castle. That is approximately 85,000 children that have been injured from 1990 to 2015.

In South Yorkshire a boy died in August 2003 while using one.
There have been numerous reports of the malicious deflation of bouncy castles whilst in use, notably the Horsington House Hotel incident which injured several people at a 21st birthday celebration.
An eight-year-old girl was killed and 15 people injured when a bouncy castle was caught in a strong wind and was lifted and thrown over 50 meters in 2001.
A boy’s parents sued the hirers of a jumping castle in 2005 when one boy somersaulted onto another at a birthday party causing brain damage. An appeal was lodged, and the verdict was overturned.
An eight-year-old girl died in May 2011 after falling head first from a bouncy castle onto a concrete pavement

In 2005 the most severe standards in the construction of an inflatable amusement were adopted nationally in Australia, forming Federal Standard AS3533.4. This was a landmark safety standard bringing the toughest design/construction/operation standards to the inflatable industry of Australia. In 2006 the European Union (EU) followed and introduced similar standards throughout EU called EN14960:2006 which was then updated in 2013 to EN14960:2013.
In the US, Pennsylvania and New Jersey require inflatables to pass engineering and safety standards before allowing the equipment to be rented out.[citation needed]North Carolina requires amusements rides, including inflatables, to be inspected annually by the North Carolina Department of Labor (NCDOL). For inflatables to pass inspection, operators in North Carolina are required to have all training records, a current certificate of insurance, and device manuals. Inflatables that are damaged and not safe will not pass inspection until they are repaired.

When you talk about safety not only the engineering process and stitching process matters it is required to only use commercial grade lead (Pb) free pvc for every product .If use non commercial grade pvc not only it will drasticall affect the quality of the jumping castle but also will lead to some severe health conditions such as breathing problems or skin disease if children or even adults use jumping castles made by none commercial grade pvc .This same materials should also used when produce any commercial grade inflatable product such as water slides ,obstacle courses ,or any inflatable game .You should make sure the factory you purchase these inflatable products are using commercial grade pvc and be able to provide valid certificate of proof of the quality of the materials as well as the test reports that the jumping castles and inflatable water slides meet the standards they claim to be .

At Joy Jump we produce under strict safety regulations and make sure every thing in order and focus on every minute detail starting from selecting the material until the final stitch is delivered before we ship jumping castles to the customer .All the products will be tested in our factory for 3 days in order to make sure every possible aspect of the safety standards are well covered and the product is safer for our little kids .Get more details about bouncy castles

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Australian Standard Inflatables

Launch some new models of inflatable water slides

Inflatable Water Slides for sale in Australia


Water slides are one of the most fun pieces in recreational fetes and festivals . Also these are the things that generate funds the most . Inflatable water slides are not only just fun but also they are one of the best choice for you . To complete any recreational programs in schools , churches or any special event . Festivals are incomplete without inflatable water slides . Perhaps , the love for these thing by a countless number of  children seems like the reason . As we think  it is one of the most used things for commercial purposes too due to public attention it gets . As a result at Joy Jump we introduce some new models of inflatable water slides for sale in our inventory . So  here in joy jump water slide inventory you can find some unique inflatable water slides for sale in contrast to other suppliers in Australia

Consider to buy inflatable water slide for any purpose

You may be a businessman wanting to generate more income . therefore consider to get some of our commercial slides . Consider to hire those inflatable slides as another source of income . Inflatable water slides are one of the most loved pieces of fun . which is  why you should definitely choose adding these to your list . Or you can be organizing a program to celebrate a festival . Certainly if you need to create more excitement . One obvious item that can be consider is an inflatable water slide . It  add more fun and even more excitement for the children . Hence inflatable water slides are able to attract more attendants in any special event .

Even if you are just a parent with kids . Consider buy inflatable water slide for your family entertainment . Joy jump produces commercial grade inflatable water slides . So whole family , Kids and parents together can enjoy our products .

Purchase water slides from a reliable supplier in Australia

There are many quality inflatable water slides for sale in Australia. Many companies manufacture and sell their quality inflatable water slides online . And we are one of the few suppliers in Australia . The Australian quality inflatables are a must for Australian market . There for Joy jump produce exact quality for our customers .


If anyone wants to start a business or start earning for sure from their investment , Joy Jump inflatable water slides available for sale in Australia . This seems like one great choice . Because the company makes sure their customers get satisfactory before and after purchase the products . Also, because children enjoy having fun outside this is why water slides business never goes out of fashion .

There are many websites of many companies that offer to sell quality inflatable’s . If you wish to shop for one for commercial purpose , you can simply find them quickly from the internet. Joy Jump is one company that offers international standard inflatable products . And gives considerable warranty to their products. 

Bouncy Castles History

Bouncy castles are temporary inflatable structures and buildings and similar items that are rented for functions, school and church festivals and village fetes and used for recreational purposes, particularly for children. The growth in popularity of moonwalks has led to an inflatable rental industry which includes inflatable slides, obstacle courses, games, and more. Inflatables are ideal for portable amusements because they are easy to transport and store

What is a Bouncy castle ?

The name given to such structures varies. They have been marketed with such names as “Bounce House”, “Bouncies”,”Moon Bounce”, “Boingalow”, “Astrojump”, “Moonwalk”, “Jolly Jump” and “Spacewalk”. “Brinca brinca”, another name commonly used by Latinos, is Spanish for “jump jump”. The term “Jolly Jumps” is often used to describe the inflatable playground structure in rural areas and some areas in the Western United States, but the term is otherwise obsolete. In Southern California, another popular term is “Closed Inflatable Trampolines”, or “CITs”. “Bouncy Castle” or “Inflatable Castle” are used in Ireland, the UK, New Zealand and parts of Australia, and “Jumping Castles” in Australia, Canada, South Africa and Arizona in the United States.

When was the first bouncy castle made?

The first inflatable structure was designed in 1959 by John Scurlock in Shreveport, Louisiana who was experimenting with inflatable covers for tennis courts when he noticed his employees enjoyed jumping on the covers. He was a mechanical engineer and liked physics.

He started out with a large air mattress. In 1967-1968, he decided to add walls. At that time, there were two inflatable fans, one for the mattress and one for the walls. Windows were made of clear plastic and the inflatable was enclosed like a bubble. Soon after, in 1969, animal shapes began to be made. In 1976 they introduced the Jupiter Jump, which was the first unit to support netting. It was round and shaped like a liberty bell. The first bounce houses shaped like characters started appearing in the late 70’s.

The first real castle shaped bounce was originally designed by university students in England around 1961 for a fund raising event. Bouncy castles are now available not only in castle shapes, but also in many others including popular cartoon, movie and children’s book characters. New variations on the general design have resulted in inflatable slides, interactive games and climbing walls. The variety of shapes has made them popular with some installation artists.

Now Joy Jump provides innovative great designs for jumping castles , Water slides , Inflatable games and Obstacle courses

Properly clean your jumping castle

Read below article to know how to clean your jumping castle better or just click on these images to buy jumping castles

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Why you should buy cleanable commercial grade jumping castles only

purchasing jumpers made by commercial grade materials are very important . Beware ! dirty castles and slides made by non commercial materials can cause skin diseases . Also can cause breathing defects . So you should also give priority to buy commercial grade inflatables  . furthermore a certified supplies got  commercial inflatables equally important . Of course here in Joy jump all the Jumping castles you find are commercial grade . Keep reading to find out the best ways to clean the jumping castles .

Cleaning your Jumping castles is pivotal for your success .  and not to mention quality of customer service. No customer wants their kids to be playing in dirt . So an inflatable that is dirty or has things inside from a previous party would certainly damage your reputation . Furthermore customers pay to receive a clean product . And that is exactly what they expect . It is every company’s responsibility to clean their inflatable products . And certainly you must dry them . Of course no one likes a sticky wet jumping castle .

What are the best options and places to clean jumping castle

The best way to clean your inflatables is to do them at the location of a reservation during pickup time, which shows customers you do clean them, or re-inflate them at your business or storage location and clean them then. You do not want to leave cleaning for the delivery time because if a customer sees your products dirty before you start cleaning, then they are going to be left with the impression that it is a dirty product.

First when cleaning you should start off by vacuuming the inside to get all the small particles out . Because those can damage your inflatable . So the next step using a cleaning formula . Detergent powder seems like a good option . There fore you can dilute some detergent powder on water to clean the inside and outside of the inflatable . You should check with your inflatables manufacturer for their recommended cleaning formula .  Because some bad quality printing can be damaged by cleaning chemicals .

Likewise after clean blow up water slides . You should probably leave them to fully dry before rolling them back up and storing them . Certainly leaving an inflatable product rolled and stored while it is wet , will cause it to smelly .  And also reek of mold and mildew.

Clean jumping castles speaks so much of your business

The cleanliness and appearance of your inflatable castles and inflatable water slides will reflect on your type of business . One look at how well kept your inflatables are and compare that to your quality of business. Therefore cleaning your inflatables thoroughly will not only improve the status of your services but will translate into more business and referrals.

How to Elongate the Lifespan of Your Very Own Jumping Castle

When installing a jumping castle at the backyard of your house, the safety of the user will be the first thing to strike you. While concentrating on the safety standards you might forget to ask the company about the ways of maintaining the inflatables at home. Well, if it is not done properly, you might have to take it to the repairing station quite often. Apart from giving you a lot of pocket-squeeze, continuous up and down to the repairing stations at regular intervals might leave you completely unnerved. Hence, when renting the jumping house for your residence, make sure you ask for a maintenance guidebook.This also applies to your inflatable water slide as welWell, even if you forget, you can purchase the chemicals or the liquid cleaners from the market and apply it on the bouncy castle. However, these chemicals can be harmful as well, if not washed properly, especially when have rented the inflatables for the kids’ usage. Instead of purchasing a chemical disinfectant, you can make your own from the home ingredients.

• Get a spray bottle from the market and pour three cups of water in it.• Add one cup of white vinegar and 2tsp. dish soap.
• Shake the bottle to dissolve the liquid soap.
• It is advised to clean the jumping castle part by part, so that it might appear to be a great task for you.
• Spray the homemade liquid on the bounce house and wipe it with a white cloth. Wait until it dries and then deflate it.
While cleaning, make sure you don’t allow the children to stay nearby.
Maintenance of Bouncy Castle:
Apart from cleaning the air-filled playhouse, it is equally essential to maintain it well in order to keep it working for long.
• Allow limited users to jump on the fluffy playground. Don’t over-burden the jumping castle with excessive weight that it cannot take.
• Always keep the ground clean. Even a single debris cab can damage the jump house.
• After use, it is suggested to deflate it and keep it in the bag.
• Be careful while cleaning the inflatable. It the disinfectant liquid should not get inside any of the electric valve.
• Do a thorough check-up of the bounce house at regular intervals.
• Don’t allow the users to get inside the inflatable wearing shoes or when carrying any sort of sharp objects.

When renting the bouncy castle, check that it is insured and therefore it has undergone Australian Standard test. With the online facilities, hiring these castles has become easier and faster.

You can find global best inflatable obstacle course and mechanical bull for sale at joy jump

Tips about Inflatable water slides

Hello again , sorry about the delay of this post but as promised here we come with some tips and advices about inflatable water slides . In this article you will learn how to choose good water slide ,how to protect it for durable use ,and how to avoid certain senarios where you can’t use the water slide immediately when re pack

If you are in party rental business you should have atleast 3 kinds of water slides as now inflatable water slides are becoming more popular than jumping castles for some parties and specially in summer time people tent to go fora water slide instead of a jumping castle .So party hirers must know the size and the height is really important for your water slide inventory .If you are a startup first you should have atleast 2-3 water slides it not only gives you a good range but also will make your company more popular as some party hire companies doesn’t have any water slides for rent .

Choosing a great design and quality product is really important this applies for both domestic users and rental business .when choose a water slide the most important aspect to look for is make sure there are no parts in the slide can hurt customers or users .To make sure this you needs to inquire the certifications the manufacturer provides and make sure they manufacture up to standards.If it is possible visual inspection will give you a good idea or inquire a video of the slide from the company after the production is done

After you get excellent quality water slide it is really important to maintain the water slide to increase the life span of it .What can you do to protect the slide .Well there are certain things you can follow.Same as the jumping castles better if you can clean the water slide after use if it is not possible atleast make it really dry before re pack it and store.for home users it is very important to fins a good place to store the water slide this might not apply for rental companies as they needs to take out the water slide regularly .But home users should make sure to store it in a place where pests free if not itwill take much effort to clean it and make it usable a=the next time you take it.

Inflatable water slides are really amazing specially when you check out a company like joy jump who got a big range of unique designs and amazing quality to go with .Check out the quality of these products and feel free to shoot us an email or call us if you needs further details of our products

Why It is Really Important To Hire Jumping Castles

Jumping Castles are not simply loved by children; they are most loved by children. They are the most ideal options to make a child’s day. Fun is not just the one thing that a jumping castle provide, there a lot more advantages associated to it, this is the reason why it is absolutely ideal for children.

At the present age where technology has taken over the minds of children, where cell phones, tablet, computers and a number of other improvised gadgets that occupies the minds of the children, it is important that the parents introduce them to other alternative fun platforms. It is essentially vital that the children get introduced to outdoor fun activities so that they can socialize and improve their social life.

There are many quality inflatables for sale in Australia. Children sure do love to spend their time with their quality gadgets but if given the permission and given the introduction, they do love to have fun outdoors too.

With the realization that the present age of gadgets have made the children inactive and more stuck inside the rooms playing their favorite games, many parents have today focused on giving the children the right introduction.  With the realization of the importance of having fun outdoor, many parents have now have focused on the outdoor activities for their children. When outdoor fun comes to question, water slides and jumping castles are some of the most fun activities for children.

Jumping castles can help the children leave their so-called lovable gadgets and have fun outside which can be a whole lot healthier. Playing outside can give the children the required vitamin D nutrition and also help them gain back their appetite because jumping castles makes them go active and help them move around jumping to glory. Adding to it, jumping castles can help the children socialize and have friends unlike being stuck in their room playing their video games.

The above amazing benefits are the reason why many parents have now turned to the outdoor activities for their children. This is exactly the reason why it will be highly beneficial to own a jumping castle be it in a small town or in a city. Jumping castles are now gaining more and more popularity. This is the sole reason why any businessman can invest in the jumping castles and be satisfied with the returns.

There are many jumping castles for sale in Australia. While some can be trustworthy, some can give you dissatisfaction. Joy Jump is one company in Australia that is trustworthy and offers quality inflatable products like jumping castles and water slides for sale in Australia. 


Why It is Really Important To Hire Jumping Castles

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