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Inflatable Water Slide

Seems like either you are in the inflatable rental business or just looking for a inflatable water slide for your family .But do you really know how to purchase the perfect water slide ? When purchasing an inflatable water slide there are lots of things to consider . You don’t want to end up discarding your investment worth of thousands of dollars after couple of uses . Not only the durability but also the quality of the pvc is another consideration . There are 2 kinds of pvc in the inflatable market . One is lead free high quality commercial grade material . The other pvc is normal pvc not manufactured up to standard but contain coats of lead . This is another reason the government requires material certificates , In order to approve a commercial grade inflatable water slide .

Does Joy jump comply with commercial grade for inflatable water slides

 Joy jump produce Australian quality inflatable water slides . To prove our quality , We will be giving you certificates . Those standard certificates includes material quality certificate , Anchoring tensile strength and product quality certificates . In contrast to other Chinese suppliers . We can communicate with you in English and We are always innovative in designing . There for you will get an amazing customer service for sure

What things you need to consider to finalize the suitable inflatable water slide

 Above all you must consider the situation of your purchase . It might be due to up grade your hiring inventory , Purchase a water slide for your family and kids to enjoy in summer . even it might be for a special event your organization is planing . There for you must take in to consideration of the number of people , How big is the event . Ability of the slide to attract customers or users , And even more there should be that wow factor . If you are just planing to purchase the inflatable for family gathering you must consider your budget as well .


Joy jump inflatable water slides can be customized as your requirement

As  you already know now . Joy jump produces high quality , durable and affordable blow up water slides in Australian market . If you need to purchase inflatable water slide . But contemplating on some issues we are ready to help you the best way we can . We can design a produce suitable for your budget , situation and certainly for your demand

Buy inflatable water slides near you

We can deliver your inflatable Water Slide to Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast, and most places in Australia . So no need to worry if you are looking for a place selling commercial grade inflatables near you . Joy Jump got you covered in most areas in Australia

        Need more information about our blow up water slides  or need custom made products ? please call our 24/7 Hotline 02-8046-6590

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All our inflatable products are commercial grade with high durability Check out our products slides videos . We are confident our commercial grade products will come in handy for your rentals in Australia day