How to be successful in your rental business

Some bouncy castle hire companies only make small profits whereas others rake in massive profits all year round. You can copy what these successful companies do if you have the know-how. This report does just that

1) The most important thing you can do first of all to develop and grow an extremely successful bouncy castle hire business is to have the right mindset. You can learn a great deal from people in other industries who have excelled in their chosen field. E.g. Richard Branson, Duncan Bannatyne, etc. Read some of their autobiographies and learn from them.

2) You need to start thinking big. Get rid of negative thinking habits and start focusing on running an efficient profitable business.

3) Look for new markets that you can break into…e.g. corporate, local authorities, fund raising.

4) Break these down into segments, e.g. Corporate may include Company fun days, team building events, promotional events, sponsored events, event planning, TV and film work, corporate entertainment, corporate hospitality, etc. etc.blow up water slide

5) Look for different groups of people who would be interested in using your services….Think outside of the box. You may be used to just providing bouncy castles for children’s’ garden parties, but the income generated by doing this can be very limited. Look at local companies and also your competition to see if they are providing a satisfactory service to their corporate clients. If they are not, then here is a great opportunity to compete. If you offer a first class service, you will start to gets lots of quality referrals.

6) Look to see what these companies want to hire out……..The most popular items for fun days and corporate hospitality days tend to be: obstacle courses, inflatable slides, adult bouncy castles, gladiator duel, sumo wrestling, rodeo bull, surf simulators, and bouncy boxing.commercial jumping castles for sale

7) Add some free “sweeteners” to the hire package such as bouncy castles and ball pits for children who will be present and also giant garden games which can be bought in relatively cheaply.

8) Think about what other rental products you can offer to your clients. E.g. they may need a marquee, a DJ, or more exotic corporate entertainment. If you cannot provide it in-house, then outsource it and take a share of the commission.

9) Try to make contact with the “Entertainment Secretary” or whoever is responsible for organizing corporate events. Send them some of your literature including color photos of your equipment. Even better, try to make an appointment with them.

10) Don’t go in too cheap. Many companies will shy away from the cheapest quote as they may think that this equates to shoddy and unreliable service.

11) Purchase inflatables from a reliable company cheaper but a partner who you can fully trust with.There are companies offer heaps of dollars for the same unit which you can purchase cheaper .But be aware of the quality if you find a new company who offer you a good price and claim to have a good service give them a chance .If you are not sure to go with them or not ask them for referees who already bought from them and contact them they will give you true insight about them
The amount of money you spend on inflatables are very important because
You need to earn the money you invested on those as soon as possible plus make more profit out of your investment
The trend always change and there are new innovative models added to the industry .If you have spent less money on a quality product it will help you to purchase more products and purchase new trendy items regularly this way you can always be one step ahead of your competitors as you will always have new things to offer to your customers

Having said that product quality and reliable warranty is very important for inflatable rental business and Joy Jump is a name you can always trust they have the best commercial jumping castles for sale .You can check all the best quality products you can ever get

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