Domestic or commercial grade bounce house ?

It used to be that the only time you’d come across a bouncy castle would be at the fun fair or other special event. Occasionally a child’s birthday party would be wild enough to have hired one, but that would be a treat. Today, it is now possible for inflatable bouncy castles and ball pools to be available for use at home – either in the garden or even inside.

Of course, the bouncy castles for use at home are generally smaller, since it is unlikely to have very many children playing on it at once, and whereas the commercial bouncy castles have either one or two blowers attached pumping air continuously into the jumping castle, the the domestic ones can be used lighter blowers , using a smaller electric blower is much more easier in the modern days than using a foot pump . The quality of build is usually more than ample for one, two even three children to play on quite happily, and a wide range of domestic and commercial designs are available.

Bouncy castles themed Barbie, or Disney films, or places such as desert islands, the army or underwater are more famous than others. Generally these castles have a large jumping base, with protective walls or nets around the side, but not with much of a roof. These are not designed for children to use as trampolines to see just how high they can jump, like the commercial castles allow you to do, but are for small bouncing, rolling or playing.

If you are planning on buying one of those domestic grade, and for outdoor use, make sure you buy a good thick groundsheet, because any small sharp objects such as stones could easily puncture the inflatable, and so a protective layer, even if on grass, will be essential. The commercial jumping castles usually represent a fairly major investment, and the high quality with longer durability up o 6 years, larger ones can be several hundred pounds.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that if children are likely to jump, fall or bounce off, they shouldn’t be in any danger. All the jumping castles you find in joy jump are well designed with safety in mind and strict Australian standards implemented .The other thing to bear in mind, of course, is that if you are planning on saving money and buying your own bouncy castle for a birthday party rather than hiring, is that should a child have an accident you are not going to be insured. The price of hired castles is inclusive of fairly comprehensive insurance. As long as your bouncy castle or inflatable waterslide is for your own child’s use, or you are good friends with the parents of children using the castle, then you should be relatively safe. That is why we urge parents to purchase commercial grade bounce house from trusted company like joy jump who focus on strict Australian standards on each and every jumping castle we make.Actually not only jumping castles all our products including inflatable water slides are implemented with Australian standards

In addition to inflatable bouncy castles and inflatable water slides you can also get slip and slides, mazes and activity games, such as sumo wrestling, soccer games, gladiator joust tournament challenges and other interesting activities – there is a huge range today, and almost anything that can be hired can be bought.The advantage of hiring an jumping castle instead of buying is that you can use different themes and designs for every party you have than spending thousands to buy one jumping castle or a water slide and keep it stored in your attic , Though in a smaller scale, for private home use. Certainly young children will happily use up a huge amount of energy bouncing on them, which, for a quiet night’s sleep, is always considered money well spent depending on your income .

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